February is National Pet Dental Health Month

  • 3 February 2020
  • dsharp

Don’t turn your nose to Fido’s or Fluffy’s bad breath! That odor might signify a serious health risk, with th​e potential to damage not only your pet’s teeth and gums but its internal organs as well. If you don’t brush your pet’s teeth every day, you’re not alone. Celebrated every February, National Pet Dental Health … Continue Reading...

Don’t Panic! The FDA is NOT Saying Grain-Free Diets Cause DCM

  • 29 July 2019
  • Pet Wants

Finding the right food for your pet can be challenging, especially with pet food recalls, animal allergies and complicated ingredient lists. When you add the FDA’s investigation of “certain diets” and dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) into the mix, knowing what’s right for your individual pet can seem impossible. Before we get into the importance of considering nutritional … Continue Reading...

The Best Tips for Bringing Home a New Furry (or not so furry!) Friend

The Best Tips for Bringing Home a New Furry (or not so furry!) Friend
  • 19 February 2018
  • ecanfield

  Thinking of making an addition to the family?  Choosing a new pet is a big deal.  Your furry, feathered, or scaly friend will be a part of your life, so making a wise choice is important.  Check out these tips to ensure your decision is a good one.   Pets and Wellness Adding a … Continue Reading...