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Holiday Presents A Dog Owner Will Love

Holiday Presents A Dog Owner Will Love
  • 11 December 2017
  • ecanfield

Sometimes, finding the right gift for someone on your list is hard. Kids tend to be very clear about what they want, and you can probably figure out what to get your spouse. But what about everyone else? While it’s not like you’ll be penalized for giving the wrong present, getting the right one makes you feel great. Sometimes it takes a harder look to get the right idea for a gift.

If someone on your list owns a dog, you’re in luck. There are tons of great holiday gift ideas for both the owner and their pet. Read on for some helpful ideas, including ones you really shouldn’t buy this holiday season.

Avoid These Bad Gifts

Since it’s hard to know exactly what dogs are thinking, some gifts sound like they would work but come up empty when the dog sees it. As shows, one of these are the puzzle toys designed to “entertain” dogs. These usually fail. Even if you add a treat, the dog just gives up without the food there. Some puzzles are just too weird for a dog to get what it is, leaving you with an unused present.

Some gifts for dogs are actually harmful too. Rather than list specific toys, Fidose of Reality says to avoid toys made from vinyl because these contain phthalates. The problem with this chemical is that it’s dangerous to a dog’s liver, kidneys, and overall health. Whether it’s a chew toy, a ball, or a frisbee, vinyl toys will be chewed on repeatedly, letting those phthalates get into the dog’s system.

What Dog Owners Want

So what gifts would a dog owner appreciate? Country Living has a great list of gifts for dog lovers perfect for the holiday season. Small dogs will love a covered dog bed, whereas dog owners love the idea of a scented candle that helps eliminate pesky pet odors. If a dog owner loves being active, a dog bowl water bottle can help them keep their pup hydrated. And if your friend loves taking selfies with their dog (and what dog lover doesn’t), the pooch selfie ball holds a tennis ball right atop the phone so the dog knows where to look.

For a really cute gift, Redfin recommends getting a custom pet pillow. It’s a soft pillow shaped like the owner’s dog. It even prints the dog’s body on the pillow. This can help if the owner has separation issues, but it’s also just a cute thing to put on the couch. Even the dog might like to rest on it!

Don’t Forget The Dog

So you’ve got something for the owner, but now it’s time to pick up something for their beloved pooch too. Not only will the owner appreciate your thoughtfulness, but it’s fun to watch a dog really get into a present.

What should you get? Bored Panda lists several creative gifts so you don’t have to go with yet another bone or tennis ball. Rogz Grinz Balls are printed with cartoon-ish teeth printed, making a dog look like they have a cartoon smile as they play fetch. A dogbrella keeps a pet dry during rainy walks, and a doggy pool can help them stay cool when summer returns.

Get Something For Them Both

This holiday season, you can get a great present for a dog and its owner. Avoid unhealthy toys and focus on pillows, dog beds, and doggy pools. Wouldn’t it be nice to know your holiday gifts will be appreciated by them both?


By: Cindy Aldridge,